Without being a designer, what can you do in fashion industry?

Referring to fashion, being a designer seems to be the most obvious path, and this role requires you to be gifted and skillful. But even if you have never drawn a sketch or sewed a button, working in the fashion field is still possible.

Here are some [but not all] suggestions for job opportunities in the fashion industry, depending on your personality and aptitude.

Production manager

If you are interested in tinkering with the “divine formula” that helps create high quality clothes at the most affordable production cost, then the production management job is the right choice for you.

The production manager is the bridge between the supplier and the retailer, responsible for supervising the production process so that the products are completed on time and with the right quality. | Source: Pexels.

A Production Management worker is responsible for overseeing the production of fashion and textile products at factories and workshops.

In addition, they are a bridge between suppliers and retailers to ensure the product is completed in the right quality, at the right time, and according to the budget.

Decisions made at the production stage can have lasting effects on both the economy and the environment. | Source: Unsplash.

According to The New York Times, the fashion industry is gradually undergoing a green revolution in the production chain, in order to minimize waste in production.

Therefore, production management people are faced with extremely interesting challenges, both in design and production. Decisions made at the production stage can have lasting effects on both the economy and the environment.

Fashion management and business

This is where the artist and the “merchant” meet. With knowledge of fashion, body structure and creativity, the Fashion Merchandising manager and fashion salesman supervises and monitors fashion trends and consumers need to help designers bring products to market smoothly and successfully.

Fashion management and business staff are supervisors, monitoring fashion trends and consumer needs to help designers bring products to market in a smooth and successful manner. | Source: Freunde-von-Freunden.

There are many career options for you to choose from under “Fashion Merchandising,” which includes retail management.

However, many people still do not have a proper view of the value of this work. As a retail chain manager, you must have a thorough knowledge of products and brands, define marketing strategies, as well as personnel management,  store management.

Buying is another way you can choose to pursue a career in fashion management and business. This profession requires many years of experience in the retail industry and works as a purchasing assistant.

The job of the retail buyer is to plan, attend the trade show to select and purchase goods for sale in retail stores. | Source: WGSN.

As a buyer, you are responsible for selecting suppliers, deciding which stores will sell what products, estimating delivery dates and estimating the quantity of merchandise to buy each season, based on trends, seasonal demand and supply-demand forecast.

Therefore, as a buyer, you must be able to predict fashion trends, price products so they are commensurate with value, to compete with your competitors.

Advertising and Public Relations

If you are better at creating than working with numbers, then you can choose Advertising. The job of an Advertiser is to build creative and positive advertising campaigns and campaigns on brands to convince consumers to trust their products.

In the era of communication with the current speed of light, the influence of advertising has not stopped. You might consider working at a large corporation or famous brand in the retail industry.

Floralpunk team works on image production to promote the product. | Source: Floralpunk.

In addition, you can choose to pursue Public Relations (PR). As an intermediary between products and distributors or consumers, PR people keep the brand image appearing in the most perfect and perfect way.

Enthusiastic and charismatic character is the necessary condition, besides eligibility – certificates of communication, marketing or economics, event organization, plus valuable internships – to get yourself involved. PR industry.

A diploma in communication, marketing or economics, organizing events, plus valuable internships and open-mindedness will help you become a talented PR employee. | Source: Unsplash.

Most PR friends show their sincere and unconditional empathy with their clients. Thinking right, what else can customers expect but the same emotional emotion?

In charge of display and styling

Visual display (Visual Merchandising) and shaping style (Styling) are two occupations that sound like duplicates, however, are completely separate. Stylist is a job that requires a combination of many roles in a person: fashion editor, the ability to design and coordinate costumes, knowledge of makeup and hairdressing.

Fashion editor, the ability to design and coordinate costumes, knowledge of makeup and hairdressing … Stylist is a job that requires a combination of many roles in a person. | Source: Unsplash.

This work is a testament to not all qualifications, a thorough understanding of fashion, aesthetics, and interpersonal skills are crucial. Besides, practice and relationships are more essential for a stylist than any other position.

What about someone who is capable of arranging, loves fashion, but also loves architecture and furniture? Then you can pursue the work of display (Visual Merchandising).

Specifically, you are responsible for the idea of ​​displaying fashion products inside the store as well as display windows, in order to impress, attract the attention of fashionistas, and contribute directly to the store. The next step is to increase the brand’s store sales.

New product display space of HERMÈS SS20. | Source: Fotis Evans.

To become a good visual merchandiser, you must understand the spirit of the brand as well as the segment of the brand (affordable or premium). In addition, you must also understand the story behind each collection to be able to create exhibits with 3T criteria: inspiring, communicating and persuading viewers.

Fashion reporter

Do you love writing and fashion? Thinking about the opportunity to write a newsletter and the authority to consider anything that influences world fashion, isn’t that great?

Many journals expand their activities in the online market and hire bloggers to update the news every minute. In addition, you can also write for e-commerce sites, advertising agencies, and commercial news sites.

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To become a fashion journalist (Fashion Journalist), you must first be a good writer first. Next, you must also equip yourself with a treasure of profound knowledge about fashion. Be hard to learn about fashion history as well as the important people.

In addition, let’s constantly update the latest trends in design, fashion business and the opportunities and challenges that the fashion industry is facing. Please raise your awareness to be able to become a fashion-conscious writer with depth.

Written by Cheryl Wischhover at Fashionista, translated by Peachylicious.


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