Unisex Style – attractive trend in the fashion world

Male models wear silk scarves, wear cut-out skirts to reveal sensitive areas, while female models wear a vest to show the viewpoint of eliminating gender discrimination of designers.

Over the past decade, the fashion industry has seen efforts by designers to “bend” or erase gender boundaries (gender bending or gender blurring). Gender bending is a concept that expresses the gender opposite in the way it is worn. Nowadays, women easily wear a menswear outfit and many men are not afraid to wear pink skirts and designs.

This style has been around for a long time but in 2015, it was mentioned directly and frankly, in order to change the perception of the general public. The old suit was a man’s privilege, but today it is a symbol of feminism – since Yves Saint Laurent has driven the world crazy with a revolutionary collection in Le Smoking’s once-in-a-lifetime history.

In 1966, Yves Saint Laurent’s “Le Smoking” suit marked a major revolution in the village’s history of genderlessness. From now on, women can wear clothes that are considered only for men.

From slender models, masculine female models favored by Saint Laurent in the advertising campaign, to the style of dresses of designer Marc Jacobs or muscular catwalk models with skirts at Givenchy … all show a transsexual image in a flexible fashion.

The trend of gender eradication arose in the past year in 1970s style collections.

Gucci Spring and Summer 2015 collections for men and women bring a new perspective on “man”. Creative director Alessandro Michele has inherited the unisex style of his predecessor – Frida Giannini – and added creativity with gender bending trends through the design of silk ties, lace shirts, flared trousers …

Women wear men’s clothes and vice versa in two Gucci fashion shows this year.

After the initial “shot” of Gucci, the big brands simultaneously expressed a new declaration for modern fashion. Loewe brand of J.W. Anderson brought women’s soft silk scarves and slender silk pants into the Autumn-Winter 2015 collection for men. In the 2016 Spring and Summer outfits, the British designer also impressed with the penetrating and bisexual series. Even, “rebellious master” Rick Owens let the male model wearing a skirt cut open sensitive areas, causing the scandalous performance of the year.

The latest, Burberry launched the 2016 Spring-Summer Men’s collection “Strait-Laced”, bringing lace shirts, lace ties, and flower embroidery as the mainstream. Louis Vuitton wears men’s silk pajamas and glossy satin pajamas. And Versace fashion house designed for men in 2016 with stylish rips, cheering fashions for men and mini-style women’s neckwear. At the same time, Hood by Air launched a thigh-split skirt, a shoulder-length shirt for men.

As an inevitable trend, male collections appeared more female models and vice versa.

From left to right: Maison Margiela, Rick Owens, Hood by Air promote men’s skirts.

The gap between men and women fashions when now, the two sexes can share a closet. In the future, customers only need to care if the outfit is right for themselves, no matter what gender it is made in. This not only demonstrates the gender bending spirit of the fashion industry, but also the opportunity for male product lines to grow stronger in a land where women’s products dominate.

Jonathan Anderson – the designer at the forefront of this trend – shared the view: “That is not the way I use to attract the attention of the public. For me, breaking the gender bias in fashion is a challenging but also a new adventure “.

As a craze in the fashion village, when it is promoted in fashion weeks, the non-gender movement has encountered many harsh and opposite reactions from the public. The majority of the audience has not accepted this trend which is considered paradoxical and deviant. But it is spreading strongly to global fashion followers, especially personality stars.

G-Dragon, Rihanna, Vin Diesel support the non-gender movement.

Singers Rihanna and FKA Twigs both chose costumes to perform in men’s collections of major fashion brands. On the other side, G-Dragon – the leader of Big Bang – which is famous for his bold fashion sense, also made fans panic when wearing a pink tweed cloth jacket, wearing a trendy fedora hat, and female jewelry when attending the show Chanel Spring Summer 2015. Earlier, the actor Vin Diesel appeared on the red carpet with a short skirt showing off his muscular calves. And NBA basketball player Russell Westbrook famous for his masculine physique has also appeared many times with soft fashion and momentum.

Vogue says there are initial fashion trends that are perceived to be abnormal, offensive, but by taking a gradual and flexible approach, at some point the public will naturally accept and consider them normal. However, fashion writers still wonder whether gender bending continues to be a revolutionary change for modern fashion, or is it just a temporary fad and will soon pass.

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