Why Are High End Fashion Products Expensive?

The explanation for the towering price of a high fashion product lies not only in the feats and premium materials that make it, but also in other colorful stories.

The famous designer Karl Lagerfeld once said: “When it was called a luxury product, it of course must be extremely expensive, rare, hard to buy, beautiful, creative and never boring.” That statement somewhat generalized the meaning behind the two branded words.

Value from yourself

In recent years, high-end brands have focused on promoting their hundreds of years of cultural and cultural value to the public. This gives buyers a sense of the true value hidden in each product. The organization of high-end fashion exhibitions such as Dior’s Esprit in Tokyo or Pradasphere of Prada in London and Hong Kong is a way for firms to shorten distance with customers, introduce the quintessence and publicize skills. sophisticated craftsmanship.

Pradasphere exhibition in Hong Kong

Artisans also constantly challenge themselves on many elaborate levels. Chanel’s collection of Lesage wasted millions of hours. Hermès towels dyed nearly 43 colors, each dye one color and had to wait for a month to dry. More than 1,200 operations are required to create the Patek Philippe watch. The meticulousness is the whole heart of the artist who wants to send in each product.

The Salvatore Ferragamo shoes are elaborately made

In addition, the big names in the fashion industry also see the media as a way to promote brand value. The most successful tactic is not to sponsor but to become the favorite item of the famous actors.

Tied with celebrities

The most famous is probably Givenchy’s designs associated with Audrey Hepburn in the most beautiful films of fashion and film history such as Breakfast at Tiffany’s, Sabrina. The talented James Bond spy in the 007 series always has a Rolex watch companion, then Omega. There is no shortage of interesting stories around famous brands, such as actress Grace Kelly, the wife of the monarch of Monaco, who loves Hermès. In 1956, when Hermès saw her carrying a Sac bag and sandals when pregnant, Hermès immediately used her fragrance to rename this product to Kelly. So far, Kelly, the trademark bag (It Bag) is still the most popular and, of course, the most profitable for Hermès.

Princess Grace Kelly helped the famous Hermès bag

In 1984, on a flight, British peach Jane Birkin lamented to her neighbor that Kelly’s bag was too small to contain a bottle of milk. Unexpectedly, that person is Dumas, Hermès executive director. Soon, Kelly bags were improved. The Birkin series was born. Ironically,

protagonist Birkin turned his back to declare: “It is too heavy, hurt the skin”.

In the royal country of the fog country also exists about branded goods. When preparing to marry Princess Diana, the prince was Camilla, the lover of the time and current wife, gave a pair of Chanel cufflinks with the implication: the two letters C for Charles and Camilla. Meanwhile, Princess Diana loved Lady Dior bag because it had two CDs, short for Charles and Diana.

Being associated with the celebrity not only helps the brand to increase the effectiveness of advertising, but also creates a personality effect for inanimate objects, making them a soulful asset.

Dedicated service

Appreciate the product and the buyer is also a way to help the brand confirm its class. This is reflected first in the mind of the designer with creative work. For Cristobal Balenciaga, design is a divine mission. Therefore, he always wears a white coat and gloves when working to avoid staining his spiritual children. His student Hubert de Givenchy also inherited that habit. Despite his retirement, Givenchy always wears a white coat given by Mr. Balenciaga.

When entering the high-end store, everyone is satisfied with the pleasant atmosphere, spacious and luxurious space. Please visit the Ralph Lauren store. They are no different from apartments with gardens, full of rooms, relaxing lounges with trees, fireplaces and murmuring streams. Costumes in separate cabinets or with books on the sofa make guests feel like they are in a familiar home.

Ralph Lauren store in New York

Visit the Chanel store, you will see customers buying ready-to-wear costumes, although medium, still want to see the repairman see. It is a team of more than 30 years senior service customers with skilled workmanship. Guests just need to stand still and the mechanic will know how to edit and give useful advice.

Go to Burberry, buy a trench coat, you are given countless loads of laundry. If unfortunately, the product is deformed, Burberry will immediately exchange a new one of the same type, no invoice, no need to say many words. Using brand name is not just for satisfying pleasure. High-end design is not only beautiful in appearance, but also contains respect, dreams, longing and evoking wordless emotions.

I hope that is enough to answer the question “Why High End Fashion Products Are Expensive?”.

Story: Q. Huong – Photos: Getty Images, File



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