Why Gucci changed avatars with doodles?

Recently, the famous Italian brand – Gucci has changed avatars with text but not the eye-catching designs often made by the graphic design team; but instead, it is like scribbled handwriting with the light blue background of a toddler learning to write.

However, perhaps from an objective perspective, this can be a smart strategy of the brand to increase the spreading effect on the online community. Because after the brand posted on Facebook, there have been many cover strategies to catch the trend that Gucci is doing. They all feel that the scrawny, unrefined lines have something funny for a famous brand with luxury items.

Why Gucci changed avatars with doodles

Why did Gucci changed avatars?

It can be said that in recent years, the digital revolution has changed the shape of the luxury field. Digital has recreated the way brands communicate with consumers. In fact, this new way of developing media has expanded the audience for the Gucci brand, and pressured companies to develop new expertise and processes, as well as a stable new product line for a world. In which, the development of social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, etc. also contributes to the novelty.

Gucci changed avatars

Is changing avatars effective?

In the 3rd Quarter of 2019, according to statistics, Gucci increased by 10.7% on a comparable basis to US $ 2.7 billion, mainly based on the Asia Pacific region. Many analysts are satisfied with the statistical results; because that is a positive expectation when the estimate is only between 8% and 10%. However, this level of revenue is far different from the booming years 2017 and 2018, when sales soared nearly 30% per year. According to some documents published in 2017, Kering’s top growth in annual growth is Gucci brand, Italian luxury fashion and leather goods, Gucci has increased by 44.5% in nine months, ending on September 30, 2017. After Gucci financial statements revenue increased between 48% and 39% in the first and second quarters of the same year, their parent company Kering also issued a notice that revenue reaches 49%, profit is about $ 1.82 billion in the third quarter of fiscal 2017. Kering president and CEO, Francois-Henri Pinault once told CNBC that about 50 Gucci’s percentage of revenue comes from the age group of 35 and under. In parallel, last year, Gucci in North America showed signs of decrease, but Western Europe increased by 12%.

Gucci fashion

Gucci’s answer

In September 2019, Gucci’s Creative Director – Alessandro Michele presented a cosmetic change to the brand on the runway in Milan, which could boost sales as many simple products as they displayed at the stores. And to this day, Gucci still considers its most important customer to be Asia; especially Chinese market.

Many analysts have considered that Gucci’s success is due to Internet artificial intelligence, capable of analyzing and updating consumers’ needs compared to traditional market surveys. Britton, a marketing and strategy consulting firm, in a case study of the rise of Gucci to become one of the world’s most powerful fashion houses, said, “Gucci has focused on weaving e-commerce, social media, digital marketing and integrating mobile applications into the enterprise rug. As a result … the relationship of modern consumers with Gucci reaches a comprehensive level. This has brought huge profits from longtime customers and newly transformed goals.”

As for fashion readers, what do you think about the change of Gucci avatars and covers on Facebook this time?

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