How to become a luxurious and proper guest at International Fashion Week?

Several times attending major fashion weeks in Seoul, Milan or Paris, stylist Hoang Ku shares the observations and experiences he has learned, to become a proper guest.

Fashion trends around the world are being swept up in big fashion weeks like New York – Paris – London – Milan. For fashion followers, the fashion week is a place for them to follow every movement of the international fashion village. There are people who are even willing to carry backpacks, excitedly “pack up”, fly to the venue just to travel on the street, enjoy a bit of fashion atmosphere even though they are not invited by any brands or fashion houses.

In Vietnam in recent years, many stars are willing to spend billions to “go abroad”, enjoy the vibrant atmosphere in the international fashion village. Huang Ku is a typical figure. He has attended Paris Fashion Week, Milan Fashion Week and Seoul Fashion Week.

The guests must have an invitation ticket and self-sufficient transportation

Hoang Ku said, at Milan or Paris fashion weeks, each brand will hold in a separate location, depending on the concept. As for Seoul, the fashion week can take place at a single location, according to different time frames. Usually, stars have to be self-sufficient in transportation, whether it is a regular guest or a VIP guest. Designers and brands will not arrange vehicles to bring guests to the show.

To participate in a fashion show, according to Hoang Ku, guests must have tickets to invite personally from the designer. They are fashion editors, brand’s VIP customers, business partners or influencers (influencers such as stars, KOLs …). In case of not being invited personally, individuals who want to go to the show can completely apply for tickets (depending on the show) by mailing, emailing to the brand before the week takes place.

Hoang Ku revealed, it was inevitable that guests would go to the “back door”, maybe buying tickets from the market, making fake tickets, impersonating, knowing the security … During a fashion show in Paris, an 8X stylist once met a student who came to attend. The person said he forged the name of a fashion editor to get a ticket to the show.

Underground war in the front row

The front row is always for powerful figures. In fashion events, this is no exception, even an implicit competition of the guests. The first row is important for both the invited and invited guests. The designers always need the presence of reputable and famous stars in the fashion industry. The appearance of these people as a way to assert the level of the show, the prestige of the designer and above all, this is the perfect PR method for the new collection.

Therefore, the need to build a close relationship with the top stars is always something that designers, brand representatives care, pay attention to when the fashion week starts.

Front-row is usually reserved for the big editors of magazines, A-list stars, the hottest bloggers. The first seat confirms the class and power of the stars in fashion and entertainment. To be invited to take the position, guests must demonstrate their strength to the brand by doing activities outside the show instead of competing directly in the show.

A fashionista said being seated in the second row is a sign of a decline in star attraction or a weight editor’s statement. The number of seats in the front-row is limited while there are so many stars and editors in the show. Therefore, the underground war always broke out between the guests to win for themselves in the front row.

At fashion weeks, the brand goes “back door” with the management of A-list celebrities to attend the show to launch new designs or the less well-known stars spend more money with the person in charge to have the best seats in the show to get the best position is a thing like you have dinner everyday. Many shows also extend the T-stage to increase the number of seats in the show.

What to wear at fashion weeks?

Guests in the show, in the front seats, will be carefully cared for by the media not less than the models or new designs of the brand. Therefore, the choice of clothes, makeup, hair … is also the most important factor. Hoang Ku said the dresscode of fashion weeks is mostly fashionably dressed up, expressing personal style instead of the strict rules about colors, materials …

With Hoang Ku, he often wears more than usual when he is at fashion weeks. “Coming to a fashion party full of personality colors, who does not want to be eye-catching and outstanding. I always try to add accessories, play more impressive colors to get attention. I am not afraid of being criticized for coming to fashion weeks, you must first be confident. You can receive countless compliments, or rain of criticism, but you have the opportunity to express your personality. If you are shy, it means that you are not ready and you should stay at home”- stylist Ha Thanh confided.

To be able to dress nicely at fashion weeks, the secret of Vietnamese fashionista circles is to bring a lot of things. Cao Minh Thang, Chau Bui when attending Seoul Fashion Week used to bring 80kg of luggage with only clothes and accessories. Or with Min, she brought 25kg of luggage to Korea. Not enough to show off, the voice of 8X also bombarded the streets of Seoul to find new items for the next days….

Nice sitting posture and things you must not do when watching fashion shows

Hoang Ku said that guests attending international fashion shows tend to sit cross-legged. Because this is the most comfortable and beautiful posture when watching, especially for women wearing skirts. Only at Seoul Fashion Week, for shows with small runway concepts, the organizers will remind guests of front-row customers not to stretch because that affects the performance space for the model or camera rotation.

Attending fashion shows, you are the precious guests, so the behavior when watching fashion shows is also noticed. Although there are no regulations on the paper, but in fashion shows, some actions can be considered taboo. At shows, the organizers often ask guests to restrict movement when the show takes place, the phone is always set to vibrate. Some shows also require guests not to take pictures with the flash, not to talk loudly while the show is in progress.

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