Black in fashion market – being ‘disgraced’ in the fashion world

Black in fashion market. The feminist movement and lifestyle today make many women prefer to wear more colorful.

  • The pink ‘dominates’ the red carpet of Met Gala
  • Oversized skirts are popular in Cannes 2019

According to the Guardian, over the past two years, black has gradually come out of the lead, giving way to bright, eye-catching colors. In which pink is “dominant” in the first half of this year, Vogue rated it as the most powerful color. At Oscar 2019, pink was chosen by many stars, including Sarah Paulson, Emilia Clarke, Gemma Chan, Kacey Musgraves … Met Gala – the biggest fashion event of the year – also promoted this color with mirrors. Typical faces: Lady Gaga, Emma Roberts, Gisele Bündchen …

Beauties show off their style at Cannes 2019.

Besides pink, many other floating colors are chosen to replace the black. The youngest female billionaire in the world Kylie Jenner wore a purple mesh dress of Versace, her sister – Kendall Jenner – chose a split-breasted dress with a neon orange feather cape. Fashion icon of the year Jennifer Lopez chose a silver sequin dress.

During a week of the Cannes Film Festival in France in May, black appeared sparsely on the red carpet. Thai actor Araya Hargate conquers the event every day with a floating outfit – purple ombre, red, and blue. Former French First Lady Carla Bruni joined the group dressed beautifully with Celine’s royal blue shoulder dress. The youngest Cannes judge – Elle Fanning – chose Valentino’s colorful floral dress. Model Elsa Hosk impressed people with purple fur dress, Indian actress Deepika Padukone stood out with a neon blue dress …

Colorful carpet in Met Gala 2019.

In 2018, many colorful and bright colors were favored by celebrities. Colored actress Viola Davis drew attention on the red carpet of the 2018 Oscar with Michael Kors’ sweet pink candy-colored skirt. Albino model Winnie Harlow chose Ralph & Russo’s shoulder-length green dress …

On the catwalk, neon colors are increasingly available such as the collection of Alberta Ferretti, Balmain, Balenciaga, Versace, Prada, Dolce and Gabbana, Victoria Beckham, JW Anderson, Anna Sui … The company’s designs all come in bright colors, with four simultaneous color schemes. Even fashionistas show that colorful costumes are “fertile ground” to promote diverse styles. Photos former editor Harper’s Bazaar Miroslava Duma in mustard yellow suit “occupied” fashion articles last year.

Color trends on the catwalks in 2019

Black is also absent in many social contexts today. According to Vogue, pink (millennial pink) is considered the symbol color of the Y generation – people born from the early 1980s to the early 2000s – associated with the genderless trend. The “Orange Weekend” movement (#WearOrange weekend) was launched by American activists to raise awareness about gun violence.

The preference for bright grams affects brands. Easily seen on most fashion websites today is the rainbow color spectrum. Popular brands on the home page of blue, lemon yellow, pink silk dresses … British retail fashion brand Boden showcases a red tomato cardigan and cherry red floral skirt. Zara updates bright yellow checkered plaid pants or cotton candy pink sweaters, red and navy suits, and metallic skirts. H&M offers natural skirts with pink, yellow, blue patterns …

Multi-color trend in street style today – Black in fashion market

Florence Allday, an expert at market research group Euromonitor International, said that the black position in the retail sector is declining though it never disappears. WGSN – the world’s leading company in trend prediction – also provides figures proving that the bright colors are gradually emerging. According to the company’s research, in January 2018, light-colored clothes accounted for 20.2% of the market share, an increase of 16.7% compared to the previous two years. Yellow has the most spectacular growth of up to 50%. Meanwhile, Black in fashion market lost 10% share.

According to Nytimes, The Guardian, the multi-color trend is increasingly prevalent by the development of feminism. No color is considered eccentric, gimmicky or inappropriate in this day and age. Women are now confident with their choices, not trying to hide their overweight body in black clothes. They can comfortably go to work, walk around the day with neon suits or sparkling sequin – material that is only for dinner parties.

“If women like colorful clothes, it shows that they are very confident. They confidently assert ‘I’m not afraid to stand out’. We are living in an ever more intuitive era. At least fashion experts today will no longer urge women to wear black to look slender or less distracting at work, “says Naomi Wolf – author of The Beauty Myth.

According to designer Haeni Kim, the color shift in today’s selection is also due to consumers’ habits and lifestyles. With the widespread coverage of social networks – where images are valued, many people fall into the virtual lifestyle. Becoming colorful is the inevitable trend, the quickest way to rise above the crowd. Haeni Kim said: “The bright colors make people special. They stand out on the advertisement page. People wearing them are also more prominent when taking pictures.”

Classic image of Audrey Hepburn in “Breakfast at Tiffany’s”.

Black from the 16th century is considered to be timeless color, a symbol of the luxurious style that is popular with many people. Black expresses elegance, sex appeal, or serious demeanor … When legendary French designer Coco Chanel chose a black dress as the cover for Vogue magazine in 1926, Audrey Hepburn appeared. Givenchy black dress in Breakfast at Tiffany’s, black became the mark of high-class women.

Many fad legends love immortal love, aggressive black trends in design. Coco Chanel expressed extremism: “A woman without a black dress has no future.” Designer Karl Lagerfeld believes that black is safer than any other color: “If you wear black, you are on a certain level.” And Christian Dior said: “Black makes people the most delicate.” However, according to the Guardian, that concept is gradually falling out of the general trend, as consumers become more confident and more open about beauty standards.

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