China – largest ‘fake’ brand market in the world

China – largest ‘fake’ brand market. The fake story in fashion once again created a controversy when Si Thanh posted an unboxing video. Those who use luxury brands were angry because the female singer was dishonesty when using fake goods, affecting viewers. It can be said that wherever we go, we can see the shadow of branded counterfeit products.

China – largest ‘fake’ brand market in the world

Although luxury goods have beautiful designs and top quality, but their prices are not easily acceptable. Taking into account the psychology of many customers, a series of production facilities have copied the designs of popular fashion brands, producing it massively at surprisingly low prices.

The explosion of fake products around the world has caused brands to stand still when their intellectual products are flagrantly and publicly stolen. China has long been considered the world’s largest empire of fake goods, according to statistics, nearly 90% of the counterfeit goods in the world originated from here. Dubbed “The paradise of fake goods,” fashion brands from popular to high-end are counterfeited, sold publicly at low prices if you buy retail and very cheap if you buy wholesale.

The hot spots for fake goods here are the City Metropolis Shoes Center, Jiefang Market, Baiyun Leather Market, specializing in imitation handbags, Bach Ma Market, Zhang Xi Market, Shi Shang Hang Market, Hong Mian Market specializing in fake clothes. … In addition, a number of places producing knockoffs are equally popular in Guangzhou as Qingdao, Hebei, Shenzhen …

Fake goods are also in all types, all brands and are classified depending on how much the same as the original product. The counterfeit branded goods are classified by fake 1, fake 2, fake 3 ….. There are even signs of fake A, A +, A ++, A +++ …. However, in reality there is no any standard for fake products because it is made from many different production sources. Is it possible that the fake 1, super fake or fake A products with many plus signs are meant to refer to the level very similar to the original products.

In “Paradise of fake goods” people also create Hermes or Chanel bags with the level of sophistication close to the prototype to more than 90% and leather materials only slightly less genuine. And of course, the price of fake “super” goods also make every fashionista soften when only about 1/10 of the actual price and if you buy wholesale, the price can be reduced even more.

In China, you can search for the latest designs of all brands in the world for only 1/10, even lower, than genuine. A lot of people are satisfied with just spending $ 100 to buy a fake version of a genuine bag more than $ 2,000.

It is estimated that the problem of piracy costs the world’s fashion houses 600 billion dollars per year and this number continues to increase in the future.

The strong development of the Internet has made accessing and buying fake goods easier and more convenient than ever. Technology to create these products is also increasingly improved with the rate, the size looks like 90% compared to the genuine one. From this story, the public can easily see that brands like Chanel or Louis Vuitton are easy to be counterfeited by factories, because they want to own branded products to prove class, but only need to spend little money.

The scandals about counterfeit goods and poor-quality goods on the Chinese market are considered by the Chinese press as a gradual dry food use, so much so that readers are scared. Not only sophisticated in processing toxic food, enchanting materials used in the chemical industry into favorite dishes, Chinese merchants are “talented” to the level of producing bags with the brand of LV, POLO T-shirts, GUCCI shoes “fake” but true. Although the counterfeit business has shattered consumer confidence in China, it has created jobs for millions of Chinese workers.

Guangzhou is known as the luxury shopping place of China. But in the middle of this fashion mecca is a series of small workshops specializing in making fake goods. Clones of the owners here are quite perfect. After purchasing genuine bags from famous brands, especially LV …, the owner asked the workers to remove all accessories to study and imitate the original form. Everything from metal pieces to leather pieces to the brand printed words are imitated. Leather materials and accessories are mostly imported from Baiyun leather market – the famous fake center of the world.

The cheap knockoff products after producing, they re-assemble to Baiyun market to spread from here around the world. Replica bags of world-famous brands such as Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Prada and Hermes appear in this market. If taken from the store and gathered in one place, the number of fake goods of Baiyun market can fill up to 5 football fields.

Hoa Tieu Phuong

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