Despite slow growth, Valentino still focuses on heritage

How to Valentino focuses on heritage? The golden era of the Valentino brand began in 1962 with a collection called “No Color” at Pitti Palace, Florence. This milestone has brought the brand designer and brand name go far beyond Italy, as well as many large contracts sent to the company.

In 1967, once again, Valentino turned the world around with a collection named “White”. According to Italian Life magazine at the time, collections received quite a few compliments from the most demanding fashion critics. While the bright colors dominated the stage, Valentino went against the crowd, taking white as the dominant background. It was an extremely dangerous decision. However, thanks to the disruption of this system, Valentino has received the prestigious Neiman Marcus award. This award is considered as the Oscars of the fashion industry. Since then, the Valentino brand has been classified as a luxury item, creating the appearance of the current fashion world after more than half a century of existence.

How Valentino focuses on heritage Visual?

Valentino focuses on heritage, Throughout the development period, the name Valentino has many visual reforms but to really call it a modern era mark, as well as to honor the traditional nature of the brand, up to this point, Pierpaolo Piccioli is still the character that fashion critics feel most satisfied with. Piccioli brought a different Valentino identity far from Maria Grazia Chiuri / Pierpaolo Piccioli when combined together. It is a combination of handmade art and 17th-century Renaissance culture.

Besides, behind the brand, there is strong support and investment from Qatar’s Mayhoola for Investments. Investors want the brand image to reach maturity in Haute couture art. In the period of 2013 – 2018, sales from $ 590 million to $ 1.4 billion. This is equivalent to a 134% growth on a report basis. According to Deloitte’s analysis, this turned Valentino into the 41st-largest luxury company in 2017. Sales in Valentino are mainly driven by products from Rockstud shoes, designed by the team headed by Pierpaolo Piccioli. However, the revenue in 2018 showed signs of slowing growth. But that problem does not cause difficulties for the investor; because Mayhoola for Investments wants  Valentino to follow that direction at the moment, and develop a different path for Italian heritage.

Last week, in Haute couture collection in the lobby of Di Hoa Vien Summer Palace – a luxurious resort that used to be the place for the Chinese emperor to relax, was turned into a runway, extend the three magnificent suites together. A dazzling pink dress rests on a glittering turtleneck, followed by a fur-covered hooded cape, and detailed skirts folded into large bows. A model wearing a crystal mask glided over in a robe adorned with rich gold and silver embroidery; reminiscent of Chinese royal dresses with fan shoulders. It is the appearance of Haute couture’s astounding ingenuity when displayed. Outside, the giant letters spelled Valentino informed each of the guests that they were in a big and splendid place; only served for the aristocracy.

For Pierpaolo Piccioli, he often spends time watching old Italian movies on his laptop. Now, everything is about the community. In terms of sharing values, not just on the surface but Piccioli wants Valentino to be a fashion house suitable for today’s young people. He never wanted to replace Valentino’s lifestyle for himself. Piccioli just wanted to take Valentino out of the idea of ​​high fashion as a thing of the past.

Pierpaolo Piccioli really wanted Valentino to become a modern fashion house combined with high fashion and street style ; to make t-shirts and opera jackets with the same care. The designer thought that the culture of the house is unique and luxurious in every product. Today, Piccioli is enthusiastically embracing a message of inclusion by showing its latest collection primarily on a variety of colors. This is a great statement for black girls who are not marginalized. Every inspiration of Valentino or Pierpaolo Piccioli is probably covered by the image of the Black Madonnas during the Renaissance, Kerry James Marshal’s paintings and popular culture in the 1960s, etc.

At the same time, if not counting the artisans belonging to Valentino, only Piccioli has owned 70 skilled craftsmen. After all, this is what Creative Director Pierpaolo Piccioli does best. By the time Valentino performed, guests from the Chinese upper class all laid their hands on their hearts, several factors having tears in their eyes; because they are rubbing for the brand’s high-end sewing industry.

It is no exaggeration to say that Piccioli is one of the most important figures of fashion today thanks to Valentino’s ability to modernize the exquisite and extravagant charm. At the same time, it is because of his commitment to diversity. A word that many brands have struggled with and not accepting of their vocabulary. Piccioli somehow managed to bring an overarching vision to his work without getting caught in the quagmire of appropriation requests, in part because it came from a righteous place.


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