Fashion in breast cancer prevention campaign – Participating brands

Fashion in the breast cancer prevention campaign. As we all know, breast cancer is one of the diseases with the highest mortality rate for women. This dangerous disease is having a relatively high incidence and increasing each year. According to estimates, since 2018, the mortality rate when women have this disease is 14%. And about 1 in 8 to 10 women are likely to get this disease.

Breast cancer is a dangerous disease that is common in women.

As usual, October is the month of “Breast Cancer Awareness Month”. With humane spirit and meaningful actions, famous fashion and beauty brands in the world also started implementing practical campaigns. Starting from fundraising to support breast cancer patients to launching practical product lines and delivering compassionate messages.


Perhaps many people know that Calvin Klein is a famous fashion brand in the world. This brand was founded in 1968 and owns the cK logo which is very unique. In response to the Breast Cancer Awareness Month, this brand delivers the message: “Prevention is better than cure.”

CK underwear daily bra. Photo Calvin Klein.

The highlights of launched products are comfort, nature and fit. So, this helps users reduce the risk of breast cancer and get absolute comfort in motion. Thereby, Calvin Klein encourages women to have a new look and to pay more attention to the selection and use of everyday underwear.

Calvin Klein Underwear series – this bra design applies Liquid Touch technology. They consist of a layer of liquid silicon covering a bra. In addition, this liquid silicon layer is wrapped in microfiber. This aims to provide comfort in lifting and eliminating the pressure of elastic bonding. Users will feel much more comfortable and convenient.

In addition to everyday wear, Calvin Klein wants women to wear specialized underwear for sports. This will help protect your breasts from sagging or injury during exercise.

CK dynamic sports for women. Photo Calvin Klein.

The product line launched in response to this campaign includes: Calvin Klein Performance – premium product to protect the bust. Low Support for light sports like Yoga with appropriate adjustment rope, elasticity and high flexibility. Medium Support is a product line that is suitable for daily fitness activities with a wide band to keep the best breast shape. Finally, the High Support product line is dedicated to high intensity exercises such as jumping, running …

SAVAGE X FENTY – Fashion in the breast cancer prevention campaign

The Savage x Fenty brand also responded to the month of breast cancer awareness action by launching the Thrivers lingerie line. Accordingly, in a speech, singer Rihanna shared: “I want to raise awareness about the disadvantaged community of breast cancer. Savage X Thrivers will represent young women from all walks of life who live and fight cancer.”

The dominant pink color of the design collection of Savage X Thrivers. Photo: Savagexfenty.

Released on October 1, Savage X Thrivers designs focused on the pink color of the breast cancer prevention campaign. To stylize and differentiate, the brand uses an impressive high-end lace surface. Accordingly, Savage X Thrivers hides the journey of 4 “thrivers” fighting this evil disease. At the same time, the brand also inspires breast cancer patients to fight disease and stay healthy every day.


Design Vans t-shirts in the campaign. Photo Vans.

Starting October 1, Vans started a partnership with CoppaFeel – a prestigious charity to launch a special line of sports shoes to support the breast cancer prevention campaign. Accordingly, the goal of CoppaFeel is to expect women to have regular checkups to detect this disease.

Vans shoe designed for the month of breast cancer prevention. Photo Vans.

In its product line, Vans designs different hand-drawn images of different women to show the importance of the 1st round self-examination. The designs also have different symbols with textures. Checkerboard and youthful nude colors, easy to coordinate.


BCRF sponge products for the month of preventing breast cancer. Photo Beauty Blender.

On October 19, Beauty Blender cooperated with Ulta – a cosmetic retail system in the US to launch BCRF foaming products. This type of sucking takes its name from the Breast Cancer Research Foundation. In addition, the pink ribbon symbol on the box and the red heart under the sponge are the meaningful messages of Beauty Blender to customers. The brand also directly contributes $ 20,000 to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation. This is an extremely humane and noble act.

With the famous fashion and beauty brands shaking hands to respond to the month of Awareness of breast cancer. Women need to understand the importance of fashion underwear as well as being aware of their care and health care.

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