Gucci or Balenciaga more famous in 2017?

Gucci or Balenciaga more famous? The Lyst Index again made the fashion world frantic with the leading position that always belongs to the most illustrious names: Gucci, Balenciaga, Valentino, Givenchy, Balmain …

2017 has been closed for nearly a month, 2018 is wide open ahead. This is the time that experts sit together to talk about the evolution of the fashion industry throughout the year. There were two brightest names, and also the two brands that dominated global fashion in 2017: Gucci or Balenciaga more famous. The problem is, although under the control of the parent company Kering, which brand really takes the throne?

After analyzing data from more than 70 million consumers, Lyst Index experts revealed that Balenciaga had a spectacular performance in the second half of 2017 while Gucci took the No. 1 position in the rankings. The trend of fans has been relentlessly scouring the name Gucci under keywords like “shoes” and “skirts”. It can be said that under the guidance of the Alessandro Michele and Marco Bizzarri, the Italian fashion monster always leads in the Top brand every quarter of the year.

2017 seemed like the undefeated battle of Gucci and Balenciaga. However, the throne is always only 1.

Balenciaga does not have the edge. The number of visits to the brand by designer Demna Gvasalia increased by 50% compared to last year, leading the position during the third and fourth quarters. But overall, Balenciaga is still a step behind Gucci.

The problem is, what is the secret to the success of these two brands?

Gucci or Balenciaga more famous – Synchronizing design and sales

When it comes to the success of Balenciaga and Gucci, two creative directors will be the first to be counted: Alessandro Michele and Demna Gvasalia. Each person has a strategy of using extremely strong and impressive design languages, developing from season to season instead of innovating and starting from the beginning. This is what has made consumers know what to expect from the brand while having enough to make them happy.

However, Michele and Gvasalia are only half the story. Both Balenciaga and Gucci have talented strategists in sales. Jacopo Venturini joined Gucci in 2015. Prior to that, he was the mainstay of Valentino as the Director of Applied Fashion (RTW), coordinating sales activities. Similarly, before being appointed CEO of Balenciaga in 2016, Cedric Charbit worked under Francesca Bellettini at Saint Laurent. First, he was the Product Strategic Director and then the Vice President of Product Marketing and Sales – helping to push the brand’s revenue beyond the billion-dollar threshold.

The ranking of the top 10 brands in 2017

The coherence between the design and the sales stage has produced great results. Fashion designs are quickly commercialized, converting the brand’s heat into sales. Of the Top 5 products, there are 4 of Gucci while Balenciaga only has 1 product standing in 2nd place.

Gucci: Huge traffic and affordable prices

Gucci or Balenciaga more famous in 2017, Gucci is the # 1 searched brand – according to data analysis by Lyst and Google. What’s more, the brand’s Instagram has an additional 8 million followers.

In terms of magic, Gucci’s Instagram seems to be the number 1

Part of Gucci’s success comes from establishing relationships with artists like Coco Capitan, Petra Collins and Helen Downie; creating a very unique nuance for this brand as well as the media. CEO Marco Bizzarri said that the Gucci brand has also appointed an advisory group of millennials, under 30. From here Gucci can exploit the views of young people on the media.

With great aesthetics and digital photo sharing applications, designer Alessandro Michele has created an extremely competitive advantage for Gucci. According to Tribe Dynamics, Michele has the highest interaction rate among designers.

Gucci has 4 products in the Top 10, while Balenciaga only has 1.

The high level of interaction of Gucci also makes the brand’s presence almost overwhelming in the media, effectively bringing the typical search index of consumers to the Princetown lazy shoe line. to … 160% (according to Tribe Dynamics). However, what makes Gucci’s strategy so successful is the combination of huge traffic and affordable prices, making it easy for users to own typical products. Maintaining a moderate price helps Gucci reach the mass consumers who cannot afford luxury goods. All Gucci products at the top of the rankings cost less than US $ 500 (VND 11 million).

Balenciaga: Genuine and exclusive

Despite losing to Gucci, but to be honest, the influence of designer Demna Gvasalia is admirable. Especially when the second and third places belong to Balenciaga and Vetements – two brands are owned by Demna Gvasalia “. “.

The Demna effect throughout 2017 thanks to the widespread adoption of high-end fashion styles and colors in streetwear. The predominant customer class of this designer is the young who prefer high fashion, clearly distinguishing Demna’s creations with half-hearted things that imitate him.

If Gucci is becoming more and more popular, Balenciaga is the choice of individuals who prefer style differences.

According to specific statistics, 65% of Balenciaga customers are Millennials and they contribute up to 50% of the brand’s total revenue. Balenciaga is also the sixth brand to “occupy” on Instagram, although not in the Top 10 brands with the most followers, Demna is also not among the most popular fashion designers.

“The younger generation is busy searching for something that really stands out and makes them more special than an essential product from traditional brands,” Charbit – CEO of Balenciaga shared with The Financial Times earlier this year. Demna’s long-range vision has generated a huge amount of search traffic, increasing 50% per year, bringing 2 products of this brand into the Top 10: Speed ​​Boot pairs and logo printed T-shirts.

The stars are very fond of Balenciaga, especially the stars with outstanding style.

Consumers are often more sensitive to product images than the beauties from promotional campaigns or social media celebrities. With 77,000 likes, Balenciaga’s Speed ​​Boot pair was the best-selling product in the third quarter, even sold out on the first day of launch.

Gucci or Balenciaga more famous And what will happen in 2018?

Gucci or Balenciaga more famous in 2018? Balenciaga is likely to grow even faster than last year. However, Gucci’s superiority in the Lyst Index is likely to continue in 2018. The thing that Alessandro Michele’s character has maintained until now 12 BST and how long it will last while consumers’ preferences are always changing.

Michele and Bizzarri will need to continue to find innovative ways to maintain the feeling of freshness at Gucci. Search traffic for the brand dropped 10% in the first few months before summer vacation sales increased. Besides, Hedi Slimane and Kim Jones have also returned to the track, making the competition will definitely become more intense.

Gvasalia has its own difficulties while driving both Balenciaga and Vetements. Last year, because of the whole focus on Balenciaga, the effect of Vetements decreased for the grave. If there is no move to attract the attention of consumers, it will lead to a decline in traffic, and will be excluded from the Top 3 leading brands in the first quarter.

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