How Brexit Crisis Influences The Fashion Industry In The United Kingdom?

As the United Kingdom officially leaves the European Union, the concerns about Brexit’s negative impact on the UK economy, including the fashion industry, are also increasing.

These days, British politics is boiling over the Brexit story. So, the world fashion industry towards London – one of the four fashion capitals. The Brexit crisis could have a strong impact on the world fashion industry.

In a Brexit designer poll conducted by the British Fashion Association in 2016, more than 90% of votes favored Britain staying with the EU.

The fashion industry provides nearly 900,000 jobs for the United Kingdom. In 2018, fashion revenue reached $ 41 billion (according to Oxford Economics). Chairman of the British Fashion Association Stephanie Furth said that for the fashion industry, the shift in human resources, tax exemptions and intellectual property security plays a very important role.

Department of British fashion industry

Caroline Rush, a representative of the British Fashion Council, said: “Many designers vote to stay in Europe. They are the ingredients of this industry. The strength of British fashion is due to them. We now only use everything we can to make the industry a priority for the industry.”

A recent study in the United Kingdom said that the low price of sterling is the impact on retail business activities. The first victims are designers and fashion brands.

The United Kingdom’s departure from the European Union has a significant impact on tax incentives. Anti-immigration policies, taxes … will increase costs for manufacturers and consumers. The British fashion industry has a workforce of around 10,000 non-native citizens. Retail prices will certainly increase due to increased production and distribution costs. It is due to tighter border control and shrinking staff.

A design introduced by RÆBURN to support the UK in staying with the European Union

How Brexit affects the fashion industry

In November 2018, the Business of Fashion newspaper had an interview with Richard Lim. Mr. Richard is the chief executive officer of Retail Economics analyst. He predicted three scenarios where Brexit could affect the fashion industry.

In the first scenario, which Lim called “Hard Brexit”; Designers, retailers and manufacturers will lose trade agreements with the European Union. This led to an 11% increase in tariffs on clothing and footwear. The second is a fair trade deal. A third scenario is that the UK is still part of the customs union. This is a path that Prime Minister Theresa May rejected.

Education – training fashion in the United Kingdom

Schools in the UK are in the top of the global fashion school rankings. In particular, Central Saint Martins are at number one in both BA and MA levels. Kingston University is second in the BA level. “Brexit is a big challenge to fashion education,” says Fabio Piras. Mr. Fabio is the Director of MA Fashion course at Central Saint Martins.

Students from the European Union will also lose access to loans, grants and scholarships for the United Kingdom and European Union students only. Since the United Kingdom government increased the tuition limit from £ 3,000 to £ 9,000 in 2012; Demand for locations at several fashion universities in the United Kingdom has decreased. Last year, the University of London Arts (including Central Saint Martins and London College of Fashion) received 31,850 applications. This is the highest decrease in 2010, according to statistics from UCAS. UCAS is the place to handle applications for United Kingdom higher education. Kingston University received 32,895, peaking at 46,555 in 2011.

The European Union citizens make up 15% of the students at the London University of the Arts. 11 and 24% of the students of Westminster University and the Royal College of Arts, respectively. Outside London also witnessed a slight decline. But European Union citizens still make up 7% of students taking art and design courses in the United Kingdom. The government has proposed for European Union citizens studying in the United Kingdom to be granted a six-month visa to look for work. That will reduce the number of European Union students coming to study in the United Kingdom.

Despite Brexit, London is still the most popular research destination. Universities and governments work closely together to create action plans. These plans are intended to support international students. The Commission of Higher Institutions in Europe focuses on developing a post-immigration immigration system, with minimal barriers to allowing talented students and scholars around the world to work and study in Europe.

London Fashion Week (LFW)

Most are not just designers; but retailers, traders, businessmen in the field of fashion can easily see the “destructive” power of the Brexit “bomb” to the landscape of the British fashion industry in general and the world in particular. Brexit will also have a lot of influence on London Fashion Week.

Separation from the European Union means the freedom to travel between the United Kingdom and European Union countries becomes difficult. At the same time significantly increases the pressure of competition. At that time, inviting customers from other countries around the world to attend the show will mean sponsoring visas for them. Thus, the cost and pressure will greatly increase for fashion brands.

Sibling Show Fall-Winter 2016. Two creative directors of the brand – Cozette McCreery & Sid Bryan both wear shirts with the slogan “IN” to support the United Kingdom to stay with the European Union

One of the main problems with leaving the European Union is that LFW will lose the design rights that companies have in Europe. In this context, the performance designers at LFW will not be guaranteed copyright if the United Kingdom leaves the European Union. This will increase the risk of designs being stolen or copied. Consequently, designers have to show the collections somewhere else; synonymous put an end to LFW.

What opportunities will come from Brexit?

The falling pound provides opportunities for British luxury fashion companies. When Chinese people buy the most luxury goods when traveling in the United Kingdom. In 2015, there were 270,000 Chinese “visits” to Britain. The proportion of Chinese visitors increased by 46%, according to the travel site VisitBritain. British Airways also said the British pound discount would boost tourist numbers. However, these sales and profits do not guarantee to offset growing production costs.

The Burberry brand show was designed by creative director Riccardo Tisci


According to the BBC on March 22, the United Kingdom could delay the Brexit process until May 22. If MPs vote in favor of the agreement between Prime Minister Theresa May and the European Union. The British Fashion Council (BFC) has announced support for People’s Vote. This is a group calling for a public vote on the final Brexit agreement between the United Kingdom and the European Union. If parliamentarians fail to approve the deal like twice before, the European Union will support the Brexit process on April 12. This time allows the United Kingdom to reach an agreement or find a solution to this problem.

BFC and Fashion Roundtable have pledged to continue to consult with the government and design businesses to discuss the prospect of “No deal Brexit” – That is, the two parties seceded but did not reach any agreement. BFC also said “No deal Brexit” is a scenario that should be avoided at all costs. Recently, the Fashion and Materials Association has issued guidelines for fashion businesses to prepare for the worst possible scenarios in the future.



Brexit is made up of two words: “Britain” and “exit”. This phrase indicates the United Kingdom’s action to leave the European Union. This is not the first time Brexit is used. In 2012, Greece faced a severe debt crisis. People have also mentioned “Grexit” (a combination of “Greece” and “exit”) to talk about the risk that the country may have to leave the European Union. Brexit also appeared in 2012. The moment many British people opposed the European Union. At the same time, spend no less doubt on the relationship between the United Kingdom and this community. When the referendum was officially opened, Brexit became a popular “keyword”.

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