Retro Look – Retro Style Through The Decades

Retro style through the decades – Retro look trend with a combination of familiar, simple and classic outfits across the decades

Retro fashion style through the decades


In the 1920s, the Ivy League emerged as a new fashion breeze to a segment of the American and British youth. The origin of this style comes from the boys of Ivy League universities. Here are 8 United States schools, only for students from the upper class. In addition, Ivy League men style became popular in the 1940s. This style is more about elegance, grooming and careful attention to every detail on the outfit.

By the mid-1960s, when Western society began to be more open. The new urban ladies begin to wear Ivy League style. They wear men’s uniforms and outfits such as shirts, pants and suits. They prefer neatness, elegance and strength instead of previous dresses. In the 1950s, many male artists took Ivy League inspiration to dress for them, such as Steve McQueen or Paul Newman. Icon Yoko Ono (wife of singer John Lennon) is one of the few female artists who always keep the Ivy League style.

Jumpers, collars and culottes and collars, Massimo Dutti. Suede material hat, Stradivarius. Loafer and Geox shoes. Tote bags, Crossbody and Furrla bags.

The neutral color palette is the first thing to remember when choosing an Ivy League style outfit. Loafer shoes, sweaters, and chinos are the outfits of American style since the 1920s.


Hippie was a fashion style that changed the landscape of the United States in the 1960s. It started in the Haight – Ashbury district of San Francisco, then spread to Western territories. Hippe is separated from the phrase Hipster in classic fashion style and this style describes the interests of the younger generation with old and gaudy outfits. In fact, Hippie was once controversial and was classified as the weird and rebellious Anti-Fashion wave. However, due to creating a strong influence, Hippie is often mentioned in the media in developed countries.

Following the flow of the times, Hippe style emerged from the early 1960s. It then disappeared at the transition period of the 1970s. In 1973, designer Emilio Pucci introduced the collection ” Salzburg” with colorful costumes and striking patterns. Besides, Cher, an American singer, has chosen Hippie style to make her mark when performing on stage and participating in events.

Pop-art maxi dress and knitted turtleneck, Zara. Shearling hoodie, suede slingback shoe, fur crossbody bag, Stradivarius.

The highlight of Hippie costumes is usually with colorful patterns like Art Deco motifs (zig zag motifs and repeating cubes). Maxi dress has light and thin material. Shearling coats or flared pants are the most typical outfits for Hippie.


Mod is not a trend, but a lifestyle that represents a young generation of England. They like listening to jazz music and love fashion. Exploding in 1958, Mod became popular and became the guideline in Western style. Regardless of people from different races or social classes, everyone can wear a Mod in a very private way. Although originating from the mist country, however, Mod style influenced much from the way of dressing of Italians. People wearing Mod style prefer simplicity and civilization, look neat and focus on details.

Referring to the Mod style is to mention Twiggy or David Bowie and Pixie hairstyle resounded for a while. They are symbols, living witnesses that adorn the cultural values ​​of England. Mod costumes are skirts, A-shaped skirts or mini-skirts with prominent patterns. However, the most classic outfit is the Mondrian print of Yves Saint Laurent’s Mondrian print in 1965. The design pushed the Mod style to the climax and became a source of creative inspiration for designers later.

Tweed coat and knitted sweater, Zara. Suede boots, skirt legs in a Tartan pattern, Stradivarius. Bags, Furla

Choose a light-colored hugging shirt with striking motifs with a mini skirt, or a short skirt, that is enough for you to become a true Mod girl. If you want to create more highlights, you should coordinate turban towels and sunglasses.


Geek Chic is a trend that started in the 1990s. This is the definition phrase for the style of nerd girls, wearing oversized glasses. They do not know much about the outside world, only immersing themselves in words. Therefore, Geek girls are often attributed to the eccentric and outdated personality of others. By 2000, Geek Chic became popular and listed in the Popular Culture in the Americas. Many artists and fashionista in the world started wearing this style.

Geek Chic style outfit is not too picky in appearance as the inner personality of the true Geek girls. On the other hand, sometimes, Geek girls are taken as satirical images in some works of art. Anne Hathaway’s character image of Andy in the Devil Wears Prada movie is the most classic for the Geek Chic style.

Velvet tuxedo vest and frilly shirt, Massimo Dutti; Straight pipe jeans and beret, Stradivarius; Leather belts, glasses, Zara. Low boots, Geox. Bucket bags, Furla.

Stupid glasses, a beret hat and knee-length socks are an indispensable highlight for a Geek Chic outfit. However, to look more modern, you should only focus on clicking on an accessory detail on the overall outfit.


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