Review the fashion brands with impressive cooperation in the first half of 2020

The cooperation between fashion brands and stars has launched many impressive collections, creating widespread media effects in the first half of 2020.

The fashion of the world has shown many frantic collaborations from popular fashion brands such as H&M to popular fashion houses such as Stella McCartney, Tommy Hilfiger … The collections combine two brands or between brands and celebrities not only show fashion styles of fashion houses, but also spread fashion effects to all types of customers.


In early 2020, high fashion designer Giuseppe Zanotti cooperated with British singer Rita Ora in the collection of shoes launched January 24. The collection has a youthful and liberal style with open-toed high heels, the sole is painted in the shape of a chain (Bonnie chain). This strange pattern is the highlight of the collection. It not only represents the design style of the model house but also the personality and creativity of Rita Ora.

In particular, it is easy to recognize this design as a combination of flat shoes (flats) and heels. Design oriented dynamic, solid, flexible style.


Fashion brand Tommy Hilfiger has had an impressive collaboration with singer and model Zendaya. The 22-year-old artist is the representative face of the Black Lives Matter campaign, raising her voice in support of ethnic diversity in Pop culture.

Fashion house Tommy Hilfiger cleverly attracts the attention of the audience when portraying one of the biggest problems of society – ethnicity. Zendaya has brought a sophisticated performance, art but no less powerful, explosive.


After two collaborations in autumn – winter 2017 (“collab – short for collaboration: combination) and Spring – Summer 2018, the famous British fashion house once again decided to collaborate with popular fashion brand Uniqlo. Inspired by the bright summer sun days of the 50s on Brighton beach and the simplicity and elegance, the two brands launched the Spring – Summer 2020 Collection.

The collection has two styles that represent two brands, two countries: J.W.Anderson’s classic with deep colors and modernity with gentle colors. BST launched 7/3, bringing new elements to the wardrobe of anyone who owns these designs: simple but sophisticated, elegant at a “pleasant” price.


From 25/5, Giambasttista Valli x H&M collections officially opened for sale on H&M website. The collection was made public at the Cannes Film Festival 2019: AMFAR GALA with the presence of “million-dollar faces” like Kendall Jenner or Victoria’s Secret angel, Sara Sampaio.

True to the name of this combined project – Love, the main design is in the style of “frothy dress trend” (skirt design) and colorful and varied colors. Introducing many bright-colored designs, the famous fashion house Giambasttista Valli wants to honor the beauty and value of its customers and at the same time thank them.

(Image: Pascal Le Segretain)


This can be considered as the most intense “collab” in early Summer 2019. To promote the newly released album Lover, pop queen Taylor Swift has collaborated with leading British designer Stella McCartney.

Photo: Kevin Mazur

According to Taylor Swift, Stella McCartney’s designs are a bit “bizarre” but creative, even somewhat dreamy. Although not officially launched the combination of Stella McCartney and Taylor Swift quickly received attention. After the MV You Need to Calm Down debuted with monumental outfits, fans were eagerly anticipating the design of their best friends.

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Article: Huong Tra

Source: ELLE Women’s Magazine

Reference source: WWD


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