Fashion Stories : Roles and History Of Fashion Design

The history of fashion design is only officially present, but it has a great influence on all aspects of society.

Fashion design has obviously been considered a trendy symbol of modern society, when the need to dress well and the trend has become so familiar. Although the costumes have been around for a long time, even at the same time with the development of mankind, the history of fashion design is only officially present, but it has a great influence on all aspects of society.

The origin of fashion design

Fashion design is located next to the professions of design such as architectural design, interior, graphic or design … located in the field of applied art, and of course is considered a creative art on cloth. But few know that before the 1990s, costume design was a manual job, and the creators of costumes, whether for civilians, nobles or kings were merely are the workers with low status in society. Art for a very long time consisted only of things that belong to academia such as music, painting, etc. So, what is the reason why fashion from the lowest ranks of society has stepped up to the podium of modern art and most chasing after? Has there been an artistic revolution and the power to shake prejudices?

fashion in 1905

Images of women in modern clothes of fashion in 1905

Exactly, the artistic revolution took place in the 1880s, to prove that design is also art, even more profound than academic art, because applied design provides real products. The products are useful and aesthetic to the hands of every citizen, and everyone has the right to enjoy the aesthetic values, obviously the creators of those products are also honored as artists. The revolution was successful, and fashion design was born at the same time.

If you mention the grandfather of the fashion industry in the world, everyone would be surprised because it was a man. In an age of sophisticated, lavish and romantic women’s outfits, a man named Charles Frederick Worth emerged as a phenomenon. He was the first fashion designer to create a brand that bears his name only as a tailor. He proved that fashion is a harmonious combination of aesthetics and natural beauty on clothing and accessories. Before opening his brand called Maison de couture in Paris, most of the costumes were sewn only by unknown and unknown tailors. The value of his success is that the creators of costumes not only follow the requests and requirements of customers, but also make customers have to buy and hunt for the products that a designer creates.

Charles Frederick Worth

The costume was designed by the famous man Charles Frederick Worth

Ups and downs of fashion design

During the twentieth century, the capital of fashion was considered Paris, when all the biggest shows were held here, the world’s leading fashion magazines sent their best editors to attend these shows. Fashion brands come to Paris to copy designs and redesign. Paris is considered the cradle of fashion design, where the most trendy and the most luxury gathering.

At the beginning of fashion design, couture and ready-to-wear fashion were not clearly distinguished as it is today, all of the garments were individually created by designers and handcrafted. The early twentieth century saw luxury materials such as silk, wool and the shape of fashion still influenced by hourglass designs or heavy layers of skirts of old culture.

The development of design schools, especially Art Deco, also brought fashion to a simpler, more condensed value. Ignoring the layers of dresses that strangle women, Art Deco brings neat, light and modern costumes. The one who changed a look on women’s fashion, more modern, more attractive and … shorter is the legendary Coco Chanel, a fashion power symbol when she made a photo. enjoy fashion to this day.

Art Deco-style fashion designed by Paul Poiret

Art Deco-style fashion designed by Paul Poiret

Audrey Herpun in Coco Chanel's Little black dress

Audrey Herpun in Coco Chanel’s Little black dress, who created the women’s fashion revolution after World War I

The First World War brought the world economy into a Great Depression, clearly this was not the time for fashion creativity to flourish. The budget for fashion was minimized. The feminist movement at this time also brought a flourishing look for women’s clothing. World War II was the opposite, it made the capital city of Paris lose the position of fashion queen. The so-called trendiness gradually disappeared in the famous French capital and gave way to a newer, more youthful and impulsive breath named America. Ready-made and ready-to-wear clothes become obsessive to the aesthetics of young people around the world. The fashion design scene has entered another anecdote, which is a mix of ready-to-wear and couture, modern and classic fashion, liberal and old fashioned. This sophisticated and attractive fashion line has attracted all fashion followers to this day.

50s fashion after the second world war

50s fashion after the second world war

Fashion is art

For over a hundred years, what remains of fashion design is the definition that has become a symbol of beauty technology for fabrics. Fashion is art, aesthetic value combined with natural beauty on the costume. It is this that keeps fashion designers and designers separate from the workers or the usual costumes. Fashion design is fashionable, class and beauty that makes followers must follow with passion and admiration. From the first designers to create these wonderful effects such as Coco Chanel, Jean Patou, Jeanne Lanvin to contemporary genius designers such as Marc Jacob, Alexander McQueen or John Galliano have all led and told Fashion guard always upholds its values.

Contemporary fashion design on the international stage of Longchamp

Contemporary fashion design on the international stage of Longchamp

Fashion design is always special, because it is closer to human needs more than anything. Costumes are not just clothes, but also creative arts that express the era look, the individual impression of the wearer and the basic aesthetic values.


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