The heirs of fashion symbols, who are they?

The classic or revolutionary values ​​of fashion legends are still being preserved and renewed to catch up with the new era and stage that the brand is going through.

Every type of outfit we see and wear today is created by the famous names of the fashion industry. With passion, boldness and a desire to change the old, renew the fashion, these fashion icons have made a fascinating history. Fashion houses such as Coco Chanel, Christian Dior, Cristóbal Balenciaga or Yves Saint Laurent are still the inspiration for new design creations, and in the way we dress every day.

Experiencing ups and downs, some brands are temporarily away from the fashion playground to wait for the day to re-export with a new look, but there are also brands that are still relentless on their journey to write.


The first and most mentioned woman who created the feminist movement in modern fashion is none other than Coco Chanel. The liberation of a woman’s waistline from a tunic, instead of a comfortable outfit that brings freedom to the body and the perception of women in an era of great disdain for women. She used the popular jersey material for the fashionable dresses that created the trend at that time. The famous Chanel No. 5 perfume today is also the scent created by herself. The most classic is the tweed suit and skirt, which is still popular today.

Coco Chanel’s creations remain the inspiration in the dress of so many women.

After Karl Lagerfeld, the genius heir of Coco Chanel, died, Virginie Viard was appointed the new creative director and also the first female general of the company after Coco Chanel. Viard can be considered the most suitable person to continue preserving the classic fashion values of the brand because she has been with Karl for many years, understands the brand’s DNA as well as how to operate the fashion shop of high-end Chanel.


After World War II, Christian Dior redefined the elegance and exquisite of women with “New Look” with Bar Jacket. The small waist is contrasted with the lower body is expanded into a perfect circle and the splendid evening dresses. Dior’s fashion represents the proud Parisian haute couture, revived after a dark period of war. And so, women find their passion for dressing so noble.

Christian Dior is about femininity, French elegance and haute couture. Maria Grazia Chiuri, the brand’s first creative director, with her gentle style and feminist stories, has created a “New Look” that is more youth-friendly, especially for Gen Z. Dior through Maria’s lens appears uniformly with the brand’s marks through the easy-to-wear outfit and the abundance of accessories such as bags and shoes that are Maria’s forte.


If you consider fashion as architecture, Cristóbal Balenciaga is a talented architect who creates structural designs from fabrics. A perfectionist and non-stop working, Balenciaga devotes his life to researching and perfecting sewing techniques and new form poses as well as smart structures for costumes. He is also a rare fashion designer praised by his illustrious colleagues at the same time. Coco Chanel called him the only genuine couturier, Christian Dior called him the master of all, and Hubert de Givenchy likened him to the architect of haute couture.

Not only created a trend of streetwear, Demna also recreated the classic couture designs of Cristóbal.

Balenciaga today retains the hallmarks of solidly structured and blocky outfits but wears a street wear of NTK that represents the post-Soviet trend – Demna Gvasalia. Demna redefined Balenciaga and successfully drew the attention of Millennial customers into a heritage haute couture brand.


The brand with the symbol of the serpent goddess Medusa is one of the prides of Italian fashion. The reason for the iconic fashion icon Gianni Versace to choose this image because he wanted that those who have fallen in love with the brand will hardly be able to pull off, just like the power of Medusa. Indeed, the liberal style, sexy has brought a fresh look for fashion, making Versace the most popular brand in the 80s.

Donatella Versace is both a loving sister and the perfect heir of Gianni Versace.

After the death of his brother, Donatella Versace had the position and continued to transmit youthful energy to the brand. Although the image of Versace’s woman today has been renewed from Donatella’s perspective, we still see the affection and respect for the dead brother through the marks that Gianni left as the baroque motif and jaguars, striking colors and provocative styles. In particular, Donatella has also succeeded in maintaining the position of the Versace brand whenever it comes to prom dresses that can make those who wear them look like a goddess.


Chanel is strong, Christian Dior is noble and Balenciaga and Givenchy are presentable, only Yves Saint Laurent is the spoiled boy of French fashion. Parisian women have been denied service and invited out of public places because of Yves Saint Laurent. Not surprisingly, his creations are breakthroughs, transcending boundaries and prejudices about virtue or morality of women: tuxedo Le Smoking, BST The Scandal, piercing costumes … In other words, Yves Saint Laurent is the one who liberates women once again by fashion.

The Scandal Collection, released in 1971, completely changed the way of thinking and dressing of French women.

The famous YSL brand has been changed to Saint Laurent today thanks to the bold decision of designer Hedi Slimane 6 years ago. In a super sexy style of the 80s with a leather material, extremely short dress and strong shoulder padded with the personality rock of the predecessor, Anthony Vaccarello has continued to successfully build the image of the Saint girl and boy. Laurent is young, trendy and cool.


As one of the oldest fashion brands, Burberry is not only the elegant symbol of outdoor wear but also the pride of England. From the past until now, whenever mentioning Burberry, we must mention the trench coat, the typical checkered pattern. With the vision of founder Thomas Burberry, the brand has developed on the basis of durable materials with weather and then “used” in outdoor clothing and military uniform.

In the context of new fashion, Burberry needs a new look which is younger, more stylish. Therefore, Italian designer Riccardo Tisci has been chosen to become creative director for British fashion houses. Tisci has brought Burberry’s elegance and unique street feel. In addition to the famous tartan motif, Tisci also promoted the new monogram pattern with two letters TB, which stands for the founder name to blend with the logomaniac trend that dominates the fashion market.


Lee Alexander McQueen is known as the genius of fashion but more than that, he is a miracle that probably will not happen again. There is a mixture of sublime imagination in Lee and the superior haute couture techniques he has accumulated. The stories he told were a struggle of philosophical extremes of good and evil.

Sarah Burton brought Alexander McQueen back to London Fashion Week, and proved himself a worthy heir.

Since the death of Alexander McQueen, his right-hand man for many years, designer Sarah Burton has no doubt become a worthy successor. For many years, Sarah understood Lee as a designer and teacher. Of course, no one can completely replace a genius, but just by the hand of this woman, we see a soft, feminine and indispensable Alexander McQueen which is the ultimate Proud of the brand and the whole country.


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