What is vedette? The most powerful position in the catwalk

Vedette is the word that we hear a lot from the press and the media. Maybe everyone knows Vedette is the word that is used in the fashion industry, in the modeling world. But we do not understand what Vedette is? Who will be the Vedette? What role does this position play in fashion shows? Let’s find out detailed information through the article below of ONOFF.

What is the Vedette position?

First, we need to understand that Vedette is a term which is used in fashion. Vedette is the brightest position on the catwalk in every fashion show. The location for the collection presented by the models. Vedette is understood to be a representative face of the designer in that show. It has a direct impact on the reputation as well as the success of the designer. Therefore, the choice of Vedette position for the collection is very important and is carefully considered by the designers.

Vedette position

Miss 2014 Ky Duyen made a vedette in the collection of fashion designer Vo Cong Khanh

Before every fashion show, designers have casting sessions for models to participate in the show. From there, they will choose the Vedette location for their show. The vedette will be shown impressive costumes and often arranged to perform in the final position in the show. Meanwhile, Vedette will have the honor to appear with the designer of the collection to greet the ending. Vedette will be responsible for ensuring the performance ended in a spectacular way to impress the viewers.

Affirmative position

It is no coincidence that every model aspires to be a Vedette once in fashion shows. This position is a fierce competition between models. Being a Vedette, it is a class affirmation. Not everyone who wants to be vedette will be able to do it, they have to trade a lot of effort, courage to be recognized and get the eye of the designer in their show.

If you do not have the talent, no charisma as well as you can’t show what the designer wants in their outfit when you go casting. Then you cannot become a Vedette.

Having this position is an acknowledgment, a self-affirmation of yourself. Models who get this position will have a more open career future, have the opportunity to participate in more shows and have a certain position in the fashion industry.

Supermodel Thanh Hang

Supermodel Thanh Hang

Supermodel Vo Hoang Yen

Supermodel Vo Hoang Yen

supermodel Ha Anh

Or supermodel Ha Anh are famous Vedette faces

They are all famous supermodels with good expertise, which have been confirmed over time.

Vedette Selection Criteria

Vedette position is so important, what are the criteria to choose? The designer will consider what conditions to choose Vedette?

In general, the criteria of the designer is that they must be a model, a star that is currently very hot. Skilled catwalk skills, mastering the situation, someone who has an angled, attractive face. Those who hold the Vedette position must express the soul, the meaning that the designer wants to convey through the costumes.

For each fashion industry in different countries, there will be different criteria.

With the leading countries in fashion in the world such as Italy, England, France … The designers here, they tend to choose the model stars who have experience in modeling. And they will favor the famous faces in the fashion industry such as Kendall Jenner, Adriana Lima of Victoria Secret, Karlie Kloss, Cara Delevingne, or legendary supermodel Naomi Campbell …

In our country is a bit different. In addition to factors in appearance, physique or catwalk skills. The designers tend to choose new names, not even from the modeling world. They will be very hot and be popular names today. For example, goalkeeper Bui Tien Dung of the U23 Vietnam team. After the U23 team won the runner-up position of the Asian Championship, our players have become extremely famous. Because of that attraction, they are welcomed by many brands, and the goalkeeper Bui Tien Dung is invited to take on the Vedette position for the first time on the catwalk.

Goalkeeper Bui Tien Dung

Goalkeeper Bui Tien Dung assumes Vedette position in the collection at Vietnam International Fashion Week 2018

Because they will have a direct impact on the entire show, there will be more people know and care about. There are many reality shows looking for models such as: Next Top Model, The Face, Vietnam Supermodel … Designers often choose faces that emerge from these competitions to take on the Vedette position for their own shows.

Distinguish between vedette and first face

In a fashion show, the two most interested are vedette & first face. So, these two positions are not much different, how to distinguish them?

If the first face is the one opening of the show, the first performer for the collection, they will make the first impression on the viewers about the designs in the collection.

Runner 2 Mau Thuy opened the 21Six brand at Vietnam International Fashion Week

The vedette is the last performer who ends the show with the most special and impressive designs. And the most impressive performance that many people are looking forward to.

Although the first face is also important as the opening act for the whole show. But Vedette is still the most preferred position, not coincidentally, this position is so competitive by many people. Vedette is the star of fashion shows.

Assuming vedette position is always what the models want and they always try their best to win this important position. Through this article, hope you have a better understanding of Vedette’s important position in today’s fashion industry.


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