Victoria Secret changes strategy with oversized

Victoria secret changes strategy. Recently, according to Bored Panda Victoria’s Secret has just signed a contract with the first oversized model in the company’s history. Specifically, Ali Tate Cutler will be the only oversized model among the long legs to participate in a campaign to promote a collaborative product between Victoria’s Secret and Bluebella lingerie.

Ali Tate-Cutler is the only oversized model among the long legs participating in a product promotion campaign by two lingerie brands – Victoria’s Secret and Bluebella. The Fall-Winter Collection 2019 wants to convey the feminist message with the keyword “loveyourself” (no matter what your physique, love your body in beautiful designs).

Before the move of hiring Victoria’s Secret oversized model, the foreign online community reacted quite harshly. They said that the company is only trying to remove the image after the objection of former marketing director Ed Razek about special models such as fat models, transgender models …

Victoria secret changes strategy with increasing sizes

After much turbulence, Victoria’s Secret officially said goodbye to Ed Razek. Since then, the company has made many changes in contracting with models. Receiving a contract from the famous lingerie brand, Ali Tate shared on his personal page: “I believe I am the first size 14 model signed with Victoria’s Secret. I am very happy to be working with the brand I admired since I was a teenager.”

Besides, the beauty also expressed happiness when her image appeared with the top supermodels. She said that Victoria’s Secret is listening, absorbing the audience’s opinion and going in the right direction because most American women wear size 14. Consumers need to see pictures of models with similar sizes to them shown more in ads.

In 2018, Edward Razek – the former marketing director of the lingerie firm once made a shocking statement behind the scenes of Victoria Secret in 2018. He said in Vogue magazine that: “Transsexual models and oversized models do not have a “door” to participate in the show. I do not think so. The reason why? Because the Victoria’s Secret show is a miracle, a great entertainment program that lasted 42 minutes.” He added that there were no plans to invite an oversized model to play in the future because he had pursued the idea in 2000 but no one was interested.

Shortly thereafter, Edekek’s statement was severely criticized and accompanied by a wave of outrage from the audience, leading to a decline in sales only because of his “discriminatory” statement. Although later, Ed Razek has apologized but has not defused public opinion.

According to the majority opinion, recruiting an oversized model or owning a standard deviant shape in the future should be carefully calculated by the brand, because if doing so, Victoria’s Secret is like turning back from the words itself. At the end of last year, in an interview with Vogue, Victoria’s Secret said that the brand did not welcome oversized and transgender models: “We tried making a show for plus-size models in 2000 but nobody cared”.

The oversized model Tess Holliday and many other women vowed never to spend money to buy the brand’s products.

For a long time, Victoria’s Secret has chosen only one way and almost “declared war” on all of them so their change is also a “gamble” reckless. The appearance of standard models in the brand’s new campaign is considered an initial step and maybe opens a brighter future, reviving sales for the famous American underwear company.

Earlier, the audience was very surprised when the famous lingerie brand Victoria Secret recruited 23-year-old transsexual long-legged Brazilian from Valentina Sampaio to cast the angel and signed an exclusive contract with her in August. Not hiding from the joy, Valentina Sampaio quickly updated the image with the caption “Behind the scenes taking photos with #VSPink”.

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