What surprises does the fashion world welcome in the 2020s?

New year, new decade, the fashion world promises to receive many unexpected changes. What is likely to happen in 2020?

In fashion, 10 years is an important time to mark a period of history. We have just passed the first decade of the 21st century, the decade of sports fashion, street fashion, social networks, influencers and Millennials. In the era of the flat world, surely in the next 10 years we will also witness the rapid change of the fashion world with unexpected elements.

  1. New factor and the return day of legends

Fashion is a contradictory field when we are always hungry for new things but we only believe in the hands of successful names. Perhaps the coming decade will meet this dual standard. In the past 10 years, the fashion industry has set a record for the speed of “changing blood” in each brand compared to the previous century. 5-year or 10-year contracts are only 3 years old and even many fashion designers can only survive a season.

The idea of ​​replacement will be the famous names before, but the brands have surprised by promoting new talent. Typically for the “one step up the cloud” phenomenon is Alessandro Michele of Gucci and Daniel Lee of Bottega Veneta, both successful in the brand’s blood transfusion. Also, to mention the long-running “war horses” are Jona Than Anderson of Loewe and Olivier Rousteing of Balmain. In the context of the generation of star designers not making achievements as expected as Raf Simons, Marc Jacobs, it is more and more reason to expect young designers to bring a new wind.

Looking forward to the new, but also from the nostalgia of the golden age. During the Spring – Summer Fashion Week 2020, the talented couturier Christian Lacroix surprised by accepting a collaboration with Dries Van Noten for the collection to revive the fashion-loving hearts that are dying. Or recently, designer Bouchra Jarrar announced that he would return to Couture Fashion Week after his absence. Although not creating great buzz, the recent return of fashion prince Olivier Theyskens has also been noticed and supported by many people in the fashion village.

One of the best designers that is expected to come back is Phoebe Philo. She has never officially announced her departure from fashion, so the public believes that this extraordinary woman will return soon. Elsewhere, the mysterious Martin Margiela revealed his return by opening with a documentary film directed by Reiner Holzemer. The interesting thing about this movie is not only because this is the first time Margiela shared about the profession but also because of the implied return date.

  1. New trends

In an interview, Virgil Abloh, one of the hottest streetwear names, when asked about street fashion predictions for the next decade, answered that “it will surely die”. Of course, it is not right now, but it will be in the future. One of the first signs that can be seen is the silent disappearance of the controversial brand Vetements. To keep streetwear life long, pure streetwear brands like Stussy or Supreme will no longer stand alone as they did, instead evolving with collaborations with luxury brands.

Climate change issues are increasingly concerned by consumers, pushing for major changes to minimize the environmental impact of fashion. The trend of eliminating materials from animals will be spread, at the same time, the introduction of many sustainable brands. In addition, there are still shortcomings when some brands use the environment as a marketing weapon without really creating a positive practical impact, as well as a sustainable but low-quality product. For the next 10 years, we look for solutions to tackle fashion waste as well as inventory without destroying, continue to create new materials by recycling waste and researching new production technologies which consume fewer resources.

On a 10-year cycle, during the first years of the decade, the economic crisis took place. That is also the reason for the minimalism to the throne. If about the first half of the previous decade, Chinese people bought brand clothes in a crazy way, making the style to dominate the market, the situation would probably turn around. The trade war with the United States is not yet over, which largely affects people’s purchasing power and predicts that the maximum trend will no longer be as prevalent as before. However, in the age of consumer decision-making, it seems that minimalism and maximum will be in a balance, transforming into newer formats or images to attract buyers.

In the era of touch, technology only tends to develop more or more. AI (artificial intelligence) has crept into fashion. A prime example is AI in e-commerce. Over the next 10 years, we will witness the blossoming of AI in fashion. In an analysis report, forecasting AI in the fashion market until 2027 by Insight Partners published in October last year, global artificial intelligence will develop 36.9% more than in 2018, reaching $ 4,391.7 million in 2027. This means the development of online sales assistants and the crucial role AI plays in sales, marketing and customer care data. It can be seen Tommy Hilfiger, Lush, Sephora, Amazon … started to set up marketing strategies and online customer care instead of depending on popular social networking platforms.

  1. New level of cooperative type

Looking back over the past decade of fashion, one of the hallmarks is undoubtedly mutually beneficial collaborative missions. The most common are the handshakes between popular brands or sports brands with a designer or more famous brand. The type of collaboration in fashion reaches a high level, breaking all prejudices when Louis Vuitton joins Supreme. The author of the project – Kim Jones continued to produce a collection of collaborations between Dior Men and Stussy. We cannot help but mention the collection of accessories Prada combined with adidas. This shows that luxury fashion brands tend to be “more friendly” when accepted to combine with another brand at a lower level but extremely influential.

Besides the collaborative project between contemporary artists, we will witness the “non-fashionable” handshake in fashion. Louis Vuitton’s creative director Nicolas Ghesquière is known to love eSports games. Not only stopped with an advertising campaign using a model in a video game, Louis Vuitton recently launched a project in conjunction with the famous online game League of Legends to design not only the page. for the characters but also for the real people. This is one of the very successful projects of Louis Vuitton in the past year, promising to create a new trend of collaboration in fashion beyond all limits.


The evolution of 21st-century fashion has not only stopped at the evolution of style or style, but is now a fierce battle over strategy, sales and ideas. Obviously the 10-year period is long enough for a new event to change everything, but there will still be continuity and a new level of what has happened before. Are you ready for the upcoming changes and surprises in fashion this decade?

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Source: ELLE Women’s Magazine


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