Tips for hunting secondhand clothes that you should know

Hunting secondhand clothes is a great way for women to bring back the brand costumes “1 no 2” at a “bargain” price. However, if you do not know how, it is very easy to buy items that you later discover that they cannot be used. Here are some smart tips to help you get rid of this worry.

“Memorize” the right time to shop

The best time to shop is at the end of the year, when people tend to clean up their closets to keep up with the latest fashion trends. Thus, you can easily choose the outfit that suits you at a much cheaper price than other times.

Besides, you should also avoid the time of holidays, New Year. At that time, there are many people buying things, you may tired to jostle and have no time and space to consider the item you want to buy. Sometimes, you can even lose your wallet because of robbery raging on these occasions.

Care about designs instead of labels

One of the mistakes when buying used clothes is that you often focus too much on labels. Do not forget that labels can be faked so focus on design or material instead of being fascinated by cult brands.

Prioritize choosing a simple style

Simple designs should be the first choice because of their “safety” and style. The types of outfits that are never out of fashion and should be: Black leather skirt, jeans skirt, long skirt skirt, collared shirt, leather buckle jacket … Clothes with many accessories, textures are also easy errors such as broken buttons, beaded, broken thread, so with second hand, you should not choose cumbersome costumes.

Make right choice

You need to carefully check each needle thread, color, old level of costumes, especially bright costumes … to find out the “new” outfit and suits you best. With clothes, you should pay attention to the neck, armpits, hem, waistband, crotch … These are places that are easy to tear, damage that you pay little attention to.

Do not be too fond of an outfit that ignores color stains or fraying because the ability to successfully fix these errors is very low.

“Stick to” the list to buy but not afraid to buy additional items like that

For women, whether old or new, it is very common to “ramble” about an item not on the original list. So, whenever you go shopping for clothes you need to make a list of things to buy and focus on that list to avoid “a budget deficit”. But sometimes you also do not need to be too rigid, if you meet a favorite item and find it appropriate, do not hesitate to start right away. Because it is not like new clothes, second hand costumes are usually only one and it will be difficult for you to find similar designs next time.

Do not rely too much on fixing things

The second-hand fashion shoppers must be no strangers to having to go to the store to repair the item they just bought. However, you should think carefully about the items that need to be repaired too much, because sometimes this repair will make the outfit no longer like the original.

It is best to choose only the costumes that need to be repaired, such as wearing a bear, cutting short, squeezing the waist, sewing the stitched stitches … There are costumes that after repairing can make them no longer retain the design. Initially, like changing buttons, changing buckles, closing shoes soles … Or complicated repairs such as changing new lining, sewing thick clothes such as coats, beaded backs, etc., you should consider carefully.

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