Coco Chanel and 5 classic lessons about style building

Coco Chanel is an endless source of inspiration for fashion and beauty lovers. What can you learn from Coco Chanel’s timeless elegance?

It is no coincidence that Coco Chanel was named by Time magazine in the Top 100 most influential people of the 20th century. The fact that women wear costumes inspired by men’s clothing is considered a revolution in modern society. However, about 100 years ago, the image of Chanel wearing casual pants for the first time instead of the big skirts and tight waist to the breath, really created the fashion revolution.

Behind the incredible success of the more than hundred-year-old brand founder is a massive heritage store. Besides the tweed cloth suit, little black dress or the famous No.5 perfume, Chanel also inspired posterity about the attitude of life and the secret to creating personal style.


Coco Chanel used to have a witty but realistic comparison: “Always wear as if today, you will meet the enemy of your life”. If in the 20th century, women wore costumes to show the husband’s status and wealth, today, clothing, accessories and perfumes, hair styles, makeup are all bullet points. You make your own impression.

Always dress well when you go out, that’s how you respect the people around you.

From a psychological perspective, formal clothes can have a positive impact on your working attitude, the way you see things around, and in particular help you feel more confident and successful. That confidence does not come from the price of the suit, but from the degree of harmony with your physique, your skin and your personality. And always remember: “Dress modestly, people will remember the dress. Delicate appearance, people will remember the owner of that dress” Coco Chanel.


In Vietnamese, fashion style is a phrase that refers to an individual’s clothing style, expressing his or her own characteristics and personality. In English, fashion and style are two different definitions. If fashion has a broader and more inclusive category, then style has a distinct personal impression. In other words, true style only comes out when you understand what you need and know how to express it.

Style is a medium that expresses your mood, personality and creativity. On the journey of shaping your personal style, you will gradually feel more confident to wear what you like without being too concerned about the comments of those around you. Because as Coco Chanel once said, “fashion can fade but style will always exist”.


Coco Chanel is not a pioneer in building an elegant woman image. However, Gabrielle has spent more than half of her life inspiring people who love this style. For Coco, “Simplifying is the key to true elegant beauty.” Therefore, Gabrielle always advised women, “before leaving the house, stand in front of the mirror and remove something on him.”

FRANCE – CIRCA 1936: Coco Chanel, French couturier. Paris, 1936. LIP-6958-101. (Photo by Roger Viollet via Getty Images / Roger Viollet via Getty Images)

Tailor-made black or white dresses, pearl necklaces and hats are the items associated with the image of “the most elegant woman of all time.” With Coco, elegance originates from moderation and balance. It is the harmony in colors, materials, textures. Similar to architecture, proportions are extremely important to evaluate an outfit.


Coco Chanel exudes a strong aura, the power of a designer and a businesswoman. But before building up a massive career, positive attitude, self-confidence since being in an orphanage, Gabrielle has led to an open future. If Coco surrendered to fate, disregarding his own desires, perhaps we would not have had Chanel, no tweed or perfume fragrance that would delight millions of women worldwide.

 “I do not work in the fashion industry, I am a fashionista,” Gabrielle once asserted roughly. In the period when women did not have the right to choose their own clothes, the designer brought a revolutionary new wind. There is no need to follow any principles because “The best color in this world is the right color for you”, Coco Chanel.


Back in the 20th century European context, women were resigned to the laws and preconceptions of society, living up to the judgment of others with the desire to be recognized. However, Coco Chanel chose to go the other way, more arduous, more dangerous but extremely worthy. “The most courageous thing you can do is to think for yourself, forcefully.” This statement is both a guideline in life and inspires those who are lost in their pursuit of personal style.

Do not try to please anyone or become like someone. Only when you listen and understand yourself will you reveal your own “substance” in the most natural way. Personal style is a combination of positive attitude and appearance cared with love. Despite having passed away 48 years ago, these stylish lessons from Coco Chanel are forever an inspiration for fashion and beauty lovers all over the world.

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Source: ELLE Women’s Magazine

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