9 things you should know to choose vintage clothes

Buying authentic vintage costumes is an art of quickness, cunning and keenness. Here are tips for you to choose vintage clothes.

  1. Recognize the difference between nostalgia and frugality

You need to distinguish between vintage and used clothing. You can find vintage clothes in an outlet store, but do not pick up a piece of equipment and then go in a vintage store.

Vintage is a fashion that has passed the test of time, even though it has passed its time but can still be popular and renewed. It is different from appliances, down in quality and old in trends.

  1. Start with classic outfits

If you are new to fashion, you need to familiarize yourself with classic style before you want to master vintage. Beautiful images of vintage are the innovations of the most basic and classic styles. For example, a 1950s-grained cardigan or a noble black dress like the 1960s. These are things you can wear over and over without fear of being out of fashion.

  1. It is not the size but bra is the problem

To wear beautiful and fit in vintage style, the problem is not the size of the costume but the bra that you choose to accompany. The size has changed over the decades, but not as quickly and as much as women’s bras. Every time in the 20th century has its own logo, from the corset, the waistband to the pointed top bra. That means you need to consider the underwear if you want to have a perfect vintage look.

  1. The period of dress

Vintage fashion evolved from the 1920s to the 1960s.

Usually, the easiest is to choose a style in the most recent periods. Your current wardrobe will be suitable for the second half of the 20th century, which is mostly around the 1960s. If you want to choose clothes at an earlier stage, you need to consider your current style as well as the ability to use them on a regular basis.

  1. Vintage goods are equivalent to new ones

Do not be surprised if a vintage Chanel shirt costs the same as one in the latest collection. The connoisseurs are willing to pay a fair price for the old products of similar or sometimes superior quality today: more manual, more detailed, more effortless and more exclusive and more strange. These are the points that sometimes industry-specific fashion industry is hard to find now.

  1. Research carefully before spending money

Before withdrawing money on a vintage product, make sure it fits the style you have chosen. Please note, accessories of one period cannot be combined with costumes of another period. So, it is a wise idea to research some of your favorite outfits and accessories before going to the store. There, please consult the staff to get a vintage outfit that best suits your physique.

  1. Edit clothes to fit your physique

Not all of your favorite outfits are suitable for your physique, especially when vintage costumes are often designed for people with a slimmer body than today. With a defect item, you can spend a little extra money to adjust to suit yourself such as waist, bear, lace … However, the adjustment should also be careful to not destroys the inherent vintage nature of the product.

  1. Material inspection

A set of clothes with beautiful seams, eye-catching decorative motifs but not good materials will make the vintage style in your style significantly reduced. Common material errors such as thread, ruffled, rough, less soft will make the aesthetic of your outfit go down.

  1. Learn how to preserve

After choosing a pleasant vintage style, take care of them well. Plastic baskets, bags, and plastic bags should be avoided in this case. Moisture in the air does not escape, accumulating in plastic bags containing clothes will make your clothes quickly broken.

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